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I asked about why the community interrupted their sleep pattern like this? It seemed a bit extreme I was told that the ancient desert fathers found soon discovered that in the early hours we are most true to ourselves. In the quiet hours we face our demons – we see who we are warts and all. Reading the scripture, holding silence, and staring at the fire acknowledged those truths. But, other truths also rose. The truth of Easter – the power of the Spirit and presence of Jesus.

So as I get older and tend now to wake earlier and earlier I find comfort in the ancient wisdoms and practices. I have found myself remembering vigils on the beach. (Indeed, it somewhat inspired me years back to start an Easter beach service.) I try not worry about it and instead welcome an early rise like greeting a friend – the sort of friend who does not mind if I am not my best polished self at 530am.

With every blessing for the month ahead and in particular – Pentecost.