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Underpinning all our efforts for a deeper discipleship is a commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Church and His Gospel. Our ethos and values are seen in the light of the God who has a mission to make all things new. As Christians we work towards the fulfilment of His Kingdom on earth as it in heaven. The ethos and values of building intentional communities have this as their primary goal. What we do is not for our own benefit or fulfilment but for the greater glory of God. Our efforts are therefore done quietly and in humble service. We are not to see ourselves as someone better or special than any others. Rather, we are given the privilege to serve just as the Lord himself came to serve. In this way our vision is for intentional communities that are discreet without being secretive, humble without being showy. 

Our experience in Salcombe has been that we can quietly enrich the soul of the local church (or churches) and be the sort of backroom people who ensure that kindness and hospitality are at the forefront of the minds of our congregation. We do this by daily practices of prayer, study, service and from time-to-time fasting. In doing these things we suspend our need to become consumers of religion and rather allow God to consume us.  This is at the heart of the religious life - that we are to become all flame. Only when we have put aside our own neediness can God can tryly come into our midst.