Definition Of The Word Miracle & God’s Superseding Laws

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The miracle store has brought out some definition of the word miracle which specifies the occurrence of something amazing and religious caused by the origins of god.
Miracles can only be performed by God superseding the natural laws in the external world. The miracle is a power which occurs to show the limited matter of mind and the existence of a supernatural energy.
Everyone wants to achieve all the wants and desires and there is no problem or wrong with it. But the issue is that we don’t want to put the time and efforts to achieve them actually. We human beings complain a lot about our life and we think that we are not given the right opportunity.
Marianne Williamson deepest fear recital says that all the hopes, love, joy or peace are real this cannot be taken back from us by anyone but except by our own choice.
She says that the real world is experienced only when we briefly believe in the eternity of the world. We have to stop living in the illusions and experience the hard reality of life with courage by overcoming all the fear we possess in us.
Not only Marianne but bruce almighty be the miracle is also the same concept which speaks about the beautiful scene of seeking God's help throughout all his troubles and the dialogues in the bruce’s video resonate so many levels which bring in a lot of deep thoughts.
Bruce through the video encourages people to have a strong belief in miracles. As he portrayed the scenes where the God says that, if you want to see the miracle then you have to be the miracle.
Not only Bruce but the nothing real can be threatened quote also makes us understand that we are powerful beyond our measure, we just don’t get aware of our powers. The quote says that It is our own light, and not the darkness that frightens us the most.
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